Black History Month with Damian

In honor of back history month, we interviewed some of our culture collective members to find out about their black history knowledge.

We gained their perspective by asking them a series of questions that gave us an insight into how this important subject is.

Our first interview was with Damian from the talented DJ collective

Histoire D’un Soir. As a Spanish native, we delve into his experiences to see how black history is represented in Spain.


What do you know about black history?

I have increased my knowledge, although I still have a lot to learn and research.

That’s why a few years ago I started to read more about black history following writers and activists like James Baldwin, Angela Davis, Frederick Douglas and Reni Eddo-Lodge among others because I was tired of the typical history about slavery that you can find thousands of articles on and in academic books.

Did you learn about black history in school?

Not at all, in the 90’s it was very rare in Spanish schools to find serious references about black history, apart from the references about slavery. Actually, I went to five different schools in Spain and I only had a tiny experience with black history but it was in a French school, which is understandable because France was more multicultural at that time than Spain.

But things are changing thanks to the globalisation and the immigration movements, its more common to see in Spanish kids from different ethnicities going to school together and learning from each other, so I’m quite optimistic about the future.

Do you think it should be taught in schools?

I think that not just black history but all cultures history from Indian, Asian, Native American and so on should be taught.

It’s very important to give the new generations different perspectives and tools to understand the diversity from our beautiful society by teaching them the real history and not just the western view that is portrayed the majority of the time.

I think it’s the right way to start evolving things!

What do you think the benefit would be of having more

black history knowledge?

It would instantly help a lot of people to understand more and empathise with the black community about the struggles that we are still enduring today.

Apart from that, the biggest benefit would be for black people, because even now in 2021 with all the technology that is available, a lot of information is still missing or stolen.

It’s a fact that during the last centuries from human history, there was a big campaign from western countries to dehumanise black people, and their way of doing that was by erasing and changing our history. It’s our duty to never forget it and allow ourselves to never let this happen again!


It's important that we educate ourselves to unlock our history and learn more about our amazing roots. Although American slavery was apart of our history, it only makes up for 1% of all the black history that is out there in the world!

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