Black History Month with Jessica Yemi

In honor of back history month, we interviewed some of our culture collective members to find out about their black history knowledge.

We gained their perspective by asking them a series of questions that gave us an insight into how this important subject is.

Our second interview was with Jessica who is the CEO of her own English language academy Y.E.M.I based in Vienna. As a U.K. native, we delve into her experiences to see how black history is represented in England when she grew up there.


What do you know about black history?

That I have been lied to. The first university in the world was in Africa.

We had powerful kings, queens, scientists and scholars who contributed to mankind and whose work is still prevalent today.

Valerie Thomas invented 3D movies and the television. Mary Van Brittan Brown invented home security. Garrett Morgan invented the 3-way traffic light system. Alexander Miles invented automatic elevator doors. Mark Dean co-invented coloured PC monitors. Lewis Latimer invented the carbon light bulb, to name a few.

Did you learn about black history in school?

Throughout my whole academic life, I was taught a meer one hour of black history. The topic was Slavery.

However, slavery was just a part of black history. History taught in schools fails to depict pre-slavery.

There is so much more to our history that has been hidden because Europe and the United States of America want to conceal their crimes.

Do you think it should be taught in schools?

It should be mandatory for black history to be taught in schools because that's where history began. Young Kings and queens should be taught history beyond slavery.

It's our birthright to know the truth of our identity.

What do you think the benefit would be of having more

black history knowledge?

If kings and queens knew their roots and were taught about the greatness of Africa they would have great role models to aspire to.

Greatness would be at the forefront of black culture and not rap culture.

Knowledge is power!


It's important that we educate ourselves to unlock our history and learn more about our amazing roots. Although American slavery was apart of our history, it only makes up for 1% of all the black history that is out there in the world!

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