The Start

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Navigating around the beautiful vibrant city of Barcelona, which is a place that has an infinite amount of things to offer. From its art, music festivals, history, and an amazing climate that hosts a variety of people from all over the globe.

Although despite these attributes I often at times felt alone, overlooked, and unheard when it came to issues of race within the Black & POC community. I longed for a network of people who understood me and out of that need, I decided to create this platform so that no-one would ever feel like that again.

With the #BlackLivesMatter movement creating waves internationally, I felt that a sense of community was needed now more than ever.

Thus the concept of Culture Collective was born. With a pen and notepad, a journal was filled with brainstorms on feelings, emotions, and ideas. Which has now transformed into what you see today. This is the start, in the hopes for a better and more connected future.

The purpose of our platform is to inform, inspire and elevate the voices

of black and people of colour.

This creative space will report on news, debates, events, art, music, and more.

It will also celebrate our culture and all the amazing individuals in our community.

Our talent page is a database where you can connect with a wide range of professionals from all different sectors that can assist you with any project online or in person.

We believe in the power of representation and collaboration as fundamental tools for social change and empowerment!

With love and abundance,

J’nae Fox — Founder

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