Wylsum Gallery — Art in Barcelona

The platform that gives visibility, a voice, and space to women's history and culture in the world, through art.

Wylsum focuses on empowering women and feminine energy in each person through picturesque artistic manifestations. It hosts a series of exhibitions, interviews, and workshops either virtually or in-person to express this.

Established in Barcelona in 2019 the gallery has had a host of amazing artists and performers collaborate with this innovative platform.

Founded by Ludi Adelino we interviewed the CEO to find out what inspired her to start the gallery and why she got into the art industry.

Ludi is also a Co-founder of the NGO CohesiónArt, a defender of the rights of women and children. She was born in Guinea Bissau, grew up in Senegal, and is currently based in Barcelona since 2014. Living in different places has given her the opportunity to get to know different cultures and to learn new languages.


What inspired you to get into the art business?

I have grown up seeing my friends from my school in Africa, from one day to the next stopped coming to class and became married women, mothers, and housewives. I didn't want that for myself.

I completely believe in the transformative power that art has in our lives! And for me, in addition, is not only an escape route but is also a healer.

Why did you start Wylsum Gallery?

At the end of 2016 I had an existential crisis and felt the need to go home, referring to my roots. This made me undertake a journey that began in Morocco, Senegal, Ziguenchor, and finally in Guinea Bissau. I came back from this trip with many things to process and looking for new opportunities until the moment came when I felt the need to create an opportunity for myself. And likewise also creates a space for other artists to use and amplify their voice.

What does Wylsum mean?

Wylsum is a name that comes from the African race Balanta, This race is known as the brave and invincible. That's where the name Wylsum comes from and it means, moments of good omen

What kinds of artwork / artists can we expect

to see in your gallery?

At Wylsum Gallery we work with the theme of women, we deal with paintings by national and international artists and mostly female artists.

What's it like to be a CEO?

Being CEO is a responsibility that you have to know how to channel and it is certainly a very enriching experience. Each time you push your skills to the limit and that's when you discover new ones along the way. And it can be a rewarding job, especially if it is a subject that you really love.

Do you have other roles or projects outside of the gallery?

Yes, in addition to being the founder and CEO of Wylsum Gallery, I work in several projects such as Referentes (Afro Positive News Channel), and I am also co-founder of the NGO CohesiónArt where we work with women and young children in Guinea Bissau and now also in Ziguenchor (Senegal).

Has COVID19 affected your business and how have you

overcome it?

Due to circumstances, we have closed the physical space that we had on Roca Street in the center of Barcelona. We have had to reinvent ourselves and now we continue with the virtual exhibitions, online auctions and we continue to reinvent ourselves to make Wylsum Gallery an art gallery without borders.

What has been one of your greatest professional achievements for Wylsum?

One of my greatest professional achievements was in the realization of the first exhibition of LAS DALIANAS by the artist Anna Font. The fact of having overcome all obstacles and having managed to curate and mount the exhibition that also enchanted the public was a total success for me that definitely left me

with a great sense of capacity and achievement.


Congratulations to WYSLUM...

on their second anniversary!


We urge our Culture Collective community to engage with the Wylsum Gallery platform to help make it grow and support Black-owned businesses in Barcelona!

Follow their accounts to stay updated with the latest exhibitions and events.



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